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Global Logistic company is looking for a new member of their Cyber Defense Center team of “Ethical Hackers” (Red Team) - Senior Information Security Engineer

Your main responsibilities:
  • planning and running Red Team Cyber Operations - Red/Blue team exercises, breach attack simulations (BAS), DDoS attack simulations, etc.
  • supporting vulnerability management program, social engineering attacks against employees, research of selected cyber tools, tactics, processes within company's environment, tests point security controls and attack techniques (MITRE ATTACK), and other.
  • work closely with Cyber Defense Center Monitoring, Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and Security Engineering teams.

Summary of responsibilities:
  • Running of attack simulations (manual and automated)
  • Design, develop DDoS simulations / attacks against company infrastructure
  • Testing new vulnerabilities and their mitigation
  • Research cyber threats and simulate selected TTPs (tools, tactics and processes)
  • Planing and executing social engineering attacks against internal employees.
  • Testing of SIEM and other technologies detection capability of specific attacks (MITRE ATTACK framework).
  • Support security incident response function for selected situations, test prevention and containment counter measures, validate exposure, hunt for specific artifacts, other.
  • Support Security Analysts’ training and development program - running demonstrations, workshops and Red/Blue team exercises.


  • Experience in Penetration Testing, “white hacking” and Red Team concepts
  • Very good programing language skills (Python, Shell, PowerShell, C#) and system administration capabilities (to run RT infrastructure)
  • Good understanding of Common Cyber Attack techniques and principles - MITM, Cyber Kill Chain, MITRE ATTACK framework
  • Good understanding of Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) techniques and in general Internet / network protocols.
  • Experience in Information Security Incident Response management (ISIRT/CSIRT).
  • Understanding of Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS on host and network level), EndPoint Protection Platform (EPP), EndPoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.
  • Understanding of Information Security common body of knowledge - ISC2, SANS, ISO270xx, OWASP.
  • Understanding of Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) practices.


  • Opportunity to become a member of great team of IT professionals, future professional development
  • Home office possibilities
  • Permanent contract

Except good money and yearly bonus you will be provided by following benefits: Company car, pension plan, CAFETERIA program, 25 days of holiday , salary compensation due to illness, fully covered lunch vouchers, Multisport card, etc